MFA Countdown

As of today I am exactly four weeks from beginning my MFA program. The nerves have turned into excitement (for now!). In terms of preparing for the MFA, I have not done anything special since applying. I have continued to write, but frankly it has been more inconsistent than I would like to admit. I am happy that I have done a better job of workshopping stories. My local, in person workshop group is on a hiatus, but I have been participating in the MFA Draft Fiction Workshop on Facebook. That group has some pretty powerful up and coming writers. The biggest disconnect I feel with other MFA students is that I work full time and I am in a part time program. While others are thinking about financial packages and considering teaching loads, I'm off on my own. There are quite a few people like me that are not fresh out of undergrad, but I still feel a little bit like a lone wolf in the (online) MFA community. I am hoping that I can channel this experience into something helpful for other people. There are some amazing MFA blogs out there, but I am finding that a lot of my questions are really not being answered (I mean, really: Is my fiction workshop going to be what I expect?). Also, as I noted, I do not see a lot of resources for part time students who still have a professional career. I do not have any anticipation of providing any and all information someone would be interested in if they are considering an MFA, but I do hope I can fill in some gaps. If there are any particular questions that you have, please feel free to reach out. Otherwise, I will plan on blogging about my experiences as they come to me.