On Being a Writer

Recently I attended a seminar held by the Indiana Writer's Center that was entitled, "How to Write A lot - And Write it Well." The class speaker was Ben H. Winters. Ben is a New York Times Bestselling novelist as well as an adjunct professor for Butler University's MFA program. I am ashamed to admit that Ben's "The Last Policeman" is sitting in my to-read pile, but I will definitely get to it soon. Ben's seminar was focused on time mangement, but Ben also has a way of truly motivating the crap out of a room. I left not only with some good ideas for managing my time but also feeling energized and driven. Most important of all, Ben treated us all as writers. Not aspiring writers. Writers. Peers. While I am certainly not a co-equal of Ben in the world of writing, he definitely made it feel that way. And you know what? It felt amazing. I am sure there are many people in my shoes currently or that have been or will be in my shoes at some point. I love writing. In school it was my strength. But I decided to go a different direction professionally. Now as I start to write short stories and work on my novel it feels very self indulgent to call myself a writer. Afterall, I'm not published yet. But finally I realized that is ridiculous. Absolutely everyone has a beginning point. No one is born published and accomplished. So, thanks Ben Winters for inspiring me. I am a writer, too. For more information on classes held at the Indiana Writer's Center please visit: http://www.indianawriters.org.

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