June 17, 2014

Today I completed a volunteer orientation training at Indy Reads Books. The parent organization, Indy Reads, is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving adult literacy in Indianapolis. Nearly 20% of adults in Marion County struggle with reading, so needless to say this organization is very much needed. Indy Reads Books is a new and used book store that helps provide the revenue needed for the non-profit to function. 

The store is located on the verrrrry far end of Mass Ave. across from Black Market. Unlike most of Mass Ave, the store does have a small parking lot. There is also plenty of street parking as that end of Mass Ave. is rather quiet.

You guys...the space is absolutely gorgeous. It does not feel (or smell!) at all like a used book store. It is bright, airy and happy. I have not yet attended an event at the store, but my understanding is that they do have readings, classes and other great events that take place.

At the very front of the store there is a "name yo...

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